Michael Donnelly
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Other Lands (2009)

'Other Lands', Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Caulfield, Vic. (July 2009)

This exhibition featured recent paintings and drawings by artist Michael Donnelly encouraging discovery and exploration of 'other lands' through a shifting perspective that is fluid and interchangeable, mapping out experiences, memories, relationships and desires.

From earlier work exploring the familiar turning surreal this new exhibition celebrates a slow broadening of horizons with a mixture of local and more exotic locations. There has been a spiralling out from the artist's home to overseas and imaginary lands and environments. The resulting collection of 'landscape tableaux' draws on references from art history, film, and literature and involves an ongoing dialogue between actual and imagined experience.

The art works include major essays in oil on canvas, board and linen; studies in pencil, pen and ink; and mixed media works in pen and ink wash, gouache, watercolour and watercolour pencil and crayon, and collage on paper.

'Assault on S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Island aka Herring Is.'
'McCabe and Mrs Miller set up shop east of Lilydale, Vic.'
'Baptisms on the Yarra, Pound Bend, near Warrandyte, Easter Saturday, 2005.'
Detail 1 from: 'Baptisms on the Yarra, Pound Bend'
Detail 2 from: 'Baptisms on the Yarra, Pound Bend'
Detail 3 from: 'Baptisms on the Yarra, Pound Bend'
Henriette Holidays at Heide
Henriette Holidays at Heide (Oil)
Hartwell Oval Land
Lynden Park, End of Season
Henry Moore Land
Hume Hwy I
Hume Hwy II
Bobi Lost in Rockdale (Sydney, NSW)
Queen of Heaven
20:00 Hours City Lights
'Glen Iris Tableau'
Night Shrines
Paint a Black Horse
Police Objects
Tuross Head Idyll
Nocturnal House I
Nocturnal House II
Deckard's Buddy Visits the Artist's Home on Good Friday
Angels and Bathers
Study for Vale VA School
Vale VA School
'Summerhill Park Tableau'