Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
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I am fascinated by the trans-religious/cultural tree-of-life motif. It resonates with people around the world, no matter what religion, as a symbol of life. Its power is its potential to reveal shared spirit. My own experience is that this opens meaningful dialogue which otherwise may not occur.

I focus on the primal elements of life shared by all people [past, present, future] and the Universe itself. These shared signs of life, our pulse and breath, are echoed by the rhythms of the earth and Universe. A concept of shared history is my focus as a balance to a world environment where difference can set people apart. It is the differences which we apply to ourselves through culture, religion and class which can cause conflict. Yet, each one of these differences is stimulated by a basic shared need for identity and purpose.

Like the rungs of a cut tree trunk the circle and arc represents life and time. The visceral tree-of-life resembles the life giving forces of vascular and lymph systems. Yet it also seems to map life giving water systems…and perhaps unseen but felt forces of spirit. Life is a gift.

I see my work moving towards a quiet activism for peace and ecological sustainability. I think the 2 are linked. My many years spent in rural Queensland give me a lived perspective of the issues surrounding the use of water. This is becoming one of my major interests ie: how to pay homage to water but also comment on its increasing commodification yet scarcity.

I am very interested in the conversations which spontaneously happen when people talk about art. I now realise my paintings are never finished because each person brings their own story to my work. I like the fact that
my work has this living capacity. Agendaless but not directionless conversation can open paths to better communication between people. I have experienced this when I have exhibited in the Middle East. Somehow in this space we tap into the collective memory of the universe where distance is both close and far.


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