Fiona Kennedy Altoft
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Petites(new small drawings oct 2011)

I have continued with my drawing. I am loving it. Here are some more. These drawing range from 17cm x 20cm approx to 40cm x 25cm.  So small enough to fit anywhere or cheap enough to buy a couple.  Let me know if your interested.   thanks for browsing.

sharing tea there is always time for tea Sit up and Beg April 2 mmmm lamb chops I am gonna get that tail Naughty dog Lazy catch A maggie on a horse cat Ya just don't see many horse cats anymore October 24 Wow he got on his back legs to get that catch a photo to give you an idea of the size Beautiful doggy Horus with a bird Bird flys away from Horus I've got the green ball Dancing Bear Airborne Reading Lamb August So tired There's a bird on my butt I've got the blue ball I am running with a green ball in my mouth