Stephen Newton
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20125191951stephen newton 2.jpg  figura reverto

figura - shape, form or style

reverto - turn back, return or recur


figura reverto explores the metaphorical symbiotic relationship between steel and wood, a concept which has not been explored in my practice for many years. In a sense, this body of work is a return to convictions of the past, but everyone knows that one can never go back. After 25 years of practice, empathy with material and process it's interesting to reflect. The titles in Latin are inspired by the natural environment, genus and organic classification.

Stephen Newton 2012


'...the roughly hewn configurations of exuberant youth have morphed into elegant gestures that occupy and denote the natural environment. Just as change is inevitable within the natural world, his sculptures project a calm understanding and acceptance of impermanence.'

Elizabeth Bates 2012


'The forms are seen to expand like machines and react with the spaces they inhabit, while reflecting the frailty of the symbiotic relationship of their components. The timber, although cut and stained, always gives its allegiance to nature, while the steel spikes and bands glorify the machine'

Ron McBurnie 1989 eyeline magazine  

Bulbus I anticus cardis bulbus bulbus bubus IV bulbus III bulbus I bulbus II, III & IV enfans enfans detail figura reverto (bulbus) figura reverto (enfans) figura reverto (bulbus) frigura reverto (anticuus Carduus) anticuus carduus secundus bulbus I infans secundus figura reverto figura reverto enfans secundus and enfans

All photographs in this gallery by John Downs Brisbane