Gayle Hebbard
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New World Series 2007 - 2008

Photomontage images that form part of my series - New World.

Photomontage images can be printed with inkjet on canvas, paper, or can be painted in oil, watercolour or another medium. Some of these images can also be created as a triptych.

Because they are digitally created as large format documents, they can be printed to sizes as large as you wish. Colours can also be altered slightly if you prefer. Price will depend upon the size you would like and the medium chosen.

Please see for sizes and prices of my digital images.

Contact me on to enquire about different sizes, medium and price.

Crystal Moon Metabelius 1X Hidden Treasure Searching for Love Space Junk Searching for Lost Treasure End of Ecstasy Garden of Eden Constructed Dream Viva Minuta Opium Dream End of the Machine Dragon Fly Higgs Boson Strikes Fallen Fairy Like Dust on the Edge of Time Atom Smasher Tranquillity The Beast in the Machine Chained Love. The Place Where Strangers Gather Worm Hole in Space Lucifer Neutrino Strike Fields of Past Remembrance Nest New World Lilly Sunken Treasure The Un-named City Shipwreck Chains Clawed Friends Welcome to my Web Golden Leaf Night Watch Approaching Storm The Eyes of the Storm Blue Lake Harlequin