Des Rolph
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WIND / COASTAL SERIES  (2011/2012)

New work about wind and its influence on landscape.

Des Rolph Ride the Wind Review by Karen Beardsley

An Australian in heart and Soul, Rolph has without doubt produced some of her strongest work in her new solo exhibition Ride the Wind.

Driven by her passion for the landscape and whispering beings around her the images that have become a distinctive style with strong earthy landscapes, moody horizons softened by the ethereal spiritual human and animal forms and lifted by the elusive Min Min lights. We have come to recognise the strong women and fragile girls at one with the land, often inspiring both hope strength and vulnerability at the same time. The elements are provided in such a subtle way that ensures that the story unfolding is the viewers own. Rolph has stood in the earthy outback and absorbed the ancient history and painted in an imaginative observational way

Though not abandoning the Terra firma of the landscape Ride the Wind has entered a new dimension. Using the wind as her muse and entering the journey with her soul she has been swept beyond the realms of reality and into the body of the wind as if lifted and blown through the landscape Rolph is painting from within.

The palette is soft and sensual with a calming sense while the contrasting umbers and azures caressed into the canvas convey strength and potency. The introspection and passion that accompanies Rolph’s work is embedded in each layer of paint and glaze. The swift strokes that sweep across a canvas culminate in the complex and universal meaning of wind as part of our existence weaving it’s mysteries into the canvas

‘Silent the Wind’ a potent gem of a painting, conveying strength and beauty, with the heavy layering and contrasting colours of windswept foliage and a calmness beyond. In contrast ‘Eternal Wind’ has a softer rubbed back texture where multiple layers have merged together to form a soft enfolding cloud of beauty, leaving the viewer feeling immersed and floating as if in a mist of mystery, though soft and subtle, again the palette and composition add strength, with buds of new beginnings evolving through the haze. The intense subtleness of this show and the promise of new life as seeds disperse into the calmness is created elegantly in ‘Slip Stream.’

Rolph urges the viewer to linger and indulge over each piece of work and feel the emotion whilst experiencing the mystery, thoughts, dreams and hope. This request is easily possible as one cannot help but be swept up into the breathtaking beauty of each piece and the exhibition as a whole.

Ride the Wind has taken Des Rolph to a new level in her work. This collection marks a significant moment in her career. The work is fresh and speaks of hope, healing and rebirthing not only for her beloved country but also for the earth and humanity as a whole.  


silent the wind eternal wind Wind Drift Wind Song Wind Blown Brushed by Wind Wafting (Peregian Wetlands) Updrift (Noosa National Park) Drifting Through a Razzle Dazzle Landscape (triptych) A Change is Coming On Tangled Landscape Carry Me Free