Des Rolph
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Selected past works.

Entangled Entangled II Ethereal Imprint Emu Flight of the Min Min We Travel This Land Illuminated Desert II To a Place of Endless Skies Cockatoo Calling Swamp Magic Verse 2 Night Walk Cockatoo Chick & Lurking Lizard Kangaroo Place Sticky Beak Old Friends Weighted Tracings of  Memory Follow the Light Messenger Coolibah - Moscow Waterhole Morning Soaring Gathering Place Small Channel Ironstone & Gidyea Line Channel Country, furrowed ground Beyond the Gidyea Line Dawn Over Grey Ranges As Night Time Falls Wet Landscape with Preservation Poles Wanderers silent the wind eternal wind Wind Song After the Twilight Ram Paddock Hill at Dusk Wafting (Peregian Wetlands) Tangled Landscape Twinkle Hill Bunginderry Dawn Last Light Rolling  Vista Follow Hover Over Min Min Ridge Hillside Behind Studio She'll Be Waiting There Shared Moment