Ross Booker
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2011 Small Works

I have fallen in love with Central Australia. It has changed my art practice in profound ways. Walking alone through the landscape, drawing, and recording through the lens of a camera have resulted in a new way of seeing. 

When painting, my main concern is with how an image evolves: the layering of colours, shadows and textures; the way abstract marks elude to something observed; the sensual relationships that form on a page. This process is influenced by decisions that fall, collide, react, change and finally resolve. It is often a struggle against my own logic.




Cascade - 0251 Cloud drift - 0248 Dirty dusk - 0250 Ice Storm - 0245 In the moonlight - 0243 Middle ground - 0247 Morning bright - 0244 Pink rock - 0249 Rainbow Bee-Eater - 0252 Valley deep - 0246