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Representing Zygmunt Libucha

Marble Sculptures

Polish-born Zygmunt Libucha is recognised as one of Australia's leading sculptors now based in Brisbane.

Specialising in carving marble in a variety of sizes from a wide spectrum of stunning colours (black, white, green, red, amber or gold) as well as casting limited-edition sculptures in bronze and then polished by hand, Zygmunt focuses on a range of subjects, many of which are subtly and tastefully erotic. His work is influenced by the voluptuous female form and organic motifs.

Zygmunt pays homage to the focal points of his sculptures with such attention and detail that the outcome is simply exquisite.

A Zygmunt Libucha sculpture standing on its complimentary marble plinth becomes a stunning focal point within any interior.  His sculptures speak for themselves without any explanation.  However, if there are any ambiguities then they are left to the viewer to enjoy their own interpretation.

In the name of investment art, I welcome you to step outside the square and incorporate one of these stunning sculptures within your art collection.

Click here to view Zygmunt Libucha's Bronze Sculptures

Adieu (black marble) Adieu (white marble) Aphrodite (white marble) Before Storm Black Eve Black Wave Breeze Captain's Pride Daydream (white marble) Flow Frutti di mare Golden Dream Good Neighbour Guardian and Predator In A Pensive Mood In The Beginning Inner City Hero (marble) Loop Moby Dick Modesty (marble) Moona (marble) Deceptive Look Night Storm Nike (marble) On Point (marble) Opulence (marble) Phoenix Probably Aquatic Ready About Ronin Rosebud 1 Rosebud 2 Slim Neighbour Small Steps Small Tight White Dress Study of a Rather Wild Flower Tall Sisters Tropics The Tube Tight Dress 1 Tight Dress 2 To Cut Or Not To Cut (marble) Turbulence Wild Lilly Domestic Scene in SE Queensland Fantasia Good Omen Stolen Glimpses Male Torso (marble) Ready To Fly Flirt (marble) Melancholy (marble) Never Too Thin or Too Rich Ronda Ronin 2 Sea Racer Serena Twin Sister (marble)