Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
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MY WOMEN 1990-present


The selection of paintings in this 'gallery' have been created over many years. The common thread is that they all depict women. The 'gallery' starts in the early 1990s when Kathryn was pregnant with her first child, a daughter. She has three daughters. The paintings created in the mid-late 1990s are strangely prophetic... with hindsight. In the early 2000s the images turn somewhat 'black', in the aftermath of divorce. But, as time moves on kathryn's female figure re-enters, and is absorbed by, the landscape of the universe/multiverse, as she is entwined by the age-old transcultural/religious tree-of-life symbol or is depicted as the stillness within the vortex core. SHE is the environment, SHE is the life force, the propulsion for existence, the conduit between nano and vast worlds out there and within. 

Do You Know, Have You Met? Where Are You? Take It With You Homage Am I Mirage? Super Mum Knitted Time Hot Passing Through The Storm Fleeing Skittles Assimilation Memory Fantasy Go West Young Women Living With Distance [Diptych] $ But Mummy I Wanted To Be A Bridesmaid Good Girl Bad Girl Watching Each Other Bride In The Landscape Love Puzzle Inner Life Woman With Long Hair In The Garden Of Eden Finding The Light Colour Of Stillness Meeting Place Of The Mind I Am A Tree Mother Nature Threshold Of Time Quiver