Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
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This 'gallery' shows some of my 'water' and 'gas' paintings...what I call my 'quiet activism'.

The issue of water is a global one which we all experience locally...to the point that our bodies, like the planet, are 70% water. In this way my exploration of Water sits with my previously mentioned exploration of the space or distance between the local and global...micro and macro....intimate and vast.

My paintings reflect observations about water, its use, commodification, conservation, politics etc. These reflections are based on my memories living on my parent's grain farm in rural Queensland, and also spending 18 years living in Goondiwindi on the border of New South Wales and Queensland. Goondiwindi benefits from diversified agricultural activities. Irrigation is a major factor contributing to the sustainability of these industries.

Currently in Australia water issues are headlining the media. Allocations in the Murray Darling system and water 'byproduct' plus possible degradation of the Great Artesian Baisn caused by coal seam gas extraction methods, are topical issues. These concerns, highlight underlying environmental, social and economic sustainablility issues especially as the human population increases.

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