Gayle Hebbard
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Artist Gayle Hebbard
Title Chained Love.
Year 2007
Medium Photomontage
Support Canvas or Paper
Price Available from $300.00 depending upon size

Chained Love

We chain our love beside us with chains and golden keys
But love that is captured is love that will never be.
For love as wings and love must fly.
Over land and stormy sea it must search.
To find it’s self in order to be free
For love that’s freely given is love that will survive
Is love that cannot be broken by either wind or tide.
So I stand upon this shore
To watch the stormy sea
To hope and pray that love which left
Will one day return to me
For though my heart is heavy now
It will be light and free
For one day through the stormy mist
Love will return to me
So go love fly on golden wings
Fly high and wild and free
For I am here to warm you
If you come back to me
So feel the wind beneath your wings
Swoop and dive across the sea
For your rock is here for you
When you come back to me.
For be it love or infatuation
It feels the same to me
My heart is cold and empty
Until you come back to me
When you stand here beside me
True and wild and free
Then chains will never bind you
The love which must be free.

Poem by Peter Rowe ©

This work can be produced in various sizes and supports eg stretched canvas ready to hang, or on quality art paper to be framed under glass. 

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