Gayle Hebbard
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Artist Gayle Hebbard
Title The Beast in the Machine
Year 2008
Medium Photomontage
Support Canvas or Paper
Price Available from $300.00 depending upon size

The beast in the machine

Where is your heart where does it lie?
Held fast within these iron walls
As pistons move in dreadful symmetry
Where is your heart, your true self
Shown only to the few
Those who master your power
Who see the simple beast within
They control you, they chain you
They keep you trapped
Within these bands of steel
They hold you in this toroid
They know your power
They are the beast masters
They truly know
The beast in the machine

Poem by Peter Rowe ©

This work can be produced in various sizes and supports eg stretched canvas ready to hang, or on quality art paper to be framed under glass. 

Please see for sizes and prices for th


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