Gayle Hebbard
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Artist Gayle Hebbard
Title Higgs Boson Strikes
Year 2008
Medium Photomontage
Support Canvas or Paper
Price Available from $300.00 depending upon size

Higgs Boson Strikes

Deep in a cavern you sit hidden from the world
You have no eyes yet you see everything
You see to the very ends of the universe
You see to the end of time and space
You see the very beginning of all
You man made monster sitting in your cavern
With you man may find that particle
That building block from which the world is made
But when we see it will it make us happy
No man quests ever onwards
To answer the eternal question

Poem by Peter Rowe ©

This work can be produced in various sizes and supports eg stretched canvas ready to hang, or on quality art paper to be framed under glass. 

Please see for sizes and prices for this image.


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