Kym Barrett
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I am a contemporary mixed media artist and art teacher, living  in S E Queensland, Australia.

I use drawing materials with oils and wax, to create abstract works that subtly reference the natural world - its patterns and processes - as well as things intangible and unseen.



I am preparing for my next SOLO EXHIBITION,  VIRIDITAS at Hervey Bay Regional Gallery running from 9 May until 19 June, 2016.


The title is a Latin word, meaning vitality, fecundity, lushness, verdure, or growth. It is particularly associated with the abbess, Hildegard de Bingen ((1098-1179), who used it to symbolize spiritual and physical health, often as an aspect of the divine nature.

It was the animating life-force within all creation, giving it life, moisture and vitality.

My artworks for this show will attempt to express the notion of ‘the greening power of God’ through work that embodies and evokes energy and life.


I am represented by TUSK GALLERY, Melbourne.  You can read TUSK's blog 'inside their studio' about the background behind my work.



A list of my WORKSHOPS for 2016 is found HERE.

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VIRIDITAS, oil and cold wax on panel  100cm x 100cm