Sussanne Morton Ehlers
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Sussanne Morton Ehlers  

Sussanne's 'larger than life' paintings portray the dramatic beauty and charm of our much loved flowers. The essence of the floral form and characteristics unique to each species are enhanced by the detail and quality of her technique and sheer size of her works. 

Sussanne was born in Denmark in 1963 and moved to Australia at the age of six. After a few years in the Australian suburbs, Sussanne's family moved to a small country valley called 'Lost World' in the Lamington Border ranges of QLD and NSW. Her first trip into the valley held her captivated with it's breathtaking scenery, a vast contrast to the monotony of the suburban landscape. The beauty of her surroundings nourished her love and appreciation of nature and with her father's influence and encouragement, fuelled her passion for painting. Here she was free to be herself and become submerged in nature's wonderland and imagine.

From these early days of her childhood fascinations, Sussanne has continued to find solace and inspiration in the beauty of nature. In high school Sussanne took art as a subject and went on to study commercial art at the Morningside College of Art in Brisbane. Frustrated with the limitations of commercial art, she left college after two years. Her free spirited nature determined to make her own way in the art world without the direct influence of others. 


In 1999 Sussanne's love of flowers began to emerge in her paintings. Her works representing the tropical flowers inspired by her garden and around the Sunshine Coast. 

More recently, her sense of adventure, and love affair with flowers saw her venture further afield to capture the cooler climate spring blossoms in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria.