Kym Barrett
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'Notions of transience and questions of what is beneath and beyond the surface character of personhood and events, are what drives my current practice.  Looking for the deeper meaning of things, towards something enduring.  These are qualities of soul, often mysterious.'  

Kym Barrett  

MEMORIA 1  oils and cold wax medium on timber panel,122cm X 92cm 2020


I am a contemporary mixed media artist, living and working in SE Queensland, Australia.

I use drawing materials with mixed media, to create abstract paintings that  teeter in that space between landscape and abstraction, neither one nor the other, but both.  That embody depth and mystery. That there’s more there than a surface consolation.

"My approach is organic - a ‘listening and following’ the painting- rather than working with a planned outcome. It’s a rhythm of building up and breaking down many layers, using a whole raft of techniques including gestural mark-making, scraping, dissolving. The process is a path to follow, a ‘pilgrimage of discovery’."


I am represented by COOL ART GALLERY, Coolum Beach Q


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