Susan Buret
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Sawtooth Review #10 Tanya Bailey. 

Despite the completely different subject matter of the works, moving from Henderson’s work in ...

Untitled by Peter Schonefeld

Untitled And here i lie, a bed for feathers. but soon realise this rest is just  an interlud ...

ENP 23 Susan Buret

Susan Buret's interests in the use of pattern across numerous materials, cultures and time periods, ...

When art goes geometric, appreciation comes on a higher plane. Robert Nelson.

Another artist who makes geometry jump is Susan Buret. her exhibition at Anita Traverso contains man ...

Visceral Consciousness: Pattern Perception in New Works by Susan Buret.

Susan Buret is known for her use of a cross-cultural visual vernacular. Her paintings conflate the r ...

Robert Nelson, The Age May 30, 2012, Art Melbourne 2012.

Melbourne's Affordable Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Nicholson Street, Carlton, May 24-27WITH ...
» Artist Statement more stolen geometry from the gardens of love
Maps are often very beautiful. A combination of the cartographer’s art and military conquest reveals ...
» Susan Buret: Flexible Cartography. Tracey Clement
A visit to Susan Buret’s house reveals that she is a keen collector of willow pattern china. This ma ...
» Shadow of Doubt. Dr Ross Moore.
Sightlines. The Age. Friday 3 October 2008.Shadow of DoubtSusan Buret is a cunning conjurer. From a ...
» Portraits of the Unknown.
These are the portraits of the foreign, of those who arrive at a border, inadequately described by t ...
» Sightlines. the Age 13 June,2008.
Susan Buret has intervened in the international debate on border protection and aliens by slicing up ...
» Artist Statement June 2008
‘ - breaking up all the ordered surfaces and all the planes with which we are accustomed to tame the ...
» New Farm artist claims Pine Rivers art award
May 28, 2008New Farm artist claims Pine Rivers art awardNew Farm artist Susan Buret has won the pres ...
» Off the Wall Art Brisbane08
At each art fair, a panel of highly respected individuals from within the arts sector including, cur ...
» Process
ProcessI work on stretched primed canvases.Firstly I choose a document to work with. It’s usually a ...
» Artist Statement August 2007. in her high heels
Artist Statementin her high heels‘You need to wear them with confidence and find a balance between t ...
» Catalogue Essay March 2007
Susan Buret is busy working at surfacesRepeating the act of working them over and oversaying again a ...
» Artist Statement March 2007
Susan BuretArtist StatementA Measure of Security.The works are a series of diptychs which pitch stam ...
» Unplacements Between
Unplacements Between is the collaborative text and visual art project created by Majena Mafe and Sus ...
» Hossein Valamanesh, judge of the Conrad Jupiters Art Prize 06, on 'Date de Naissance'
2006 judge Hossein Valamanesh announced Brisbane based artist Susan BURET as the winner of the 2006 ...
» Editorial Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum. p16. 23 September,2006
Sydney Morning Herald (SMH, Spectrum, 'Open Gallery', page 16) 23 September,2006. Kelsey Munro: 'TES ...
» Testaments from a Floating world
Artist StatementSusan Buret ‘ - bre ...
» Loud Whispers, Linked Solutions by Daniel Mafe
Susan Buret’s work is marked by a process of material extension. It is a process wherein materials b ...