Susan Buret
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Double Take.

Mainly Martha 2017

Ode to Frosta 2016


Graduation Exhibition, The Australian National University School of Art, Canberra Australia.2016.

Arlequin. 2016.

Triangulation 3 

Triangulation 2



New Work 2015

Taking Up Space

Floored 2014.


pink flick 2014

Navigating by the Stars.

New Work 2014.

ENP 23 Susan Buret

For the Love of Vermillion.


Recent Works

More Stolen Geometry from the Gardens of Love.

Stolen Geometry from the Gardens of Love. 2010.

The Mirage of Validation. 2006

Testaments From a Floating World 1

Portraits of the Unknown.2008.

pink squadron

flight dreams


The Penelope Series

in her high heels

Diary Notes From Another World 

The Penelope Series 2

Cactus Milk

Open Studio Nov 3,4,10 &11 2012. 

At Home