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Giclee Reproductions & Prints


Strezlecki Dunes
St Carthage
Children at Play
Ghost Town Rally
Menindee Sunset
Into the Light
Broken Hill Line of Lode
Thats Once!
Long Way Home
Coming Home No 1
Coming Home No 2
Coming Home No 3
Coming Home No 4
The Land No 1
The Land No 2
The Land No 3
The Land No 4
The Land No 5

What is Giclee?
Giclee \je-kla \ n [fr origin to squirt or spray]

The process of reproducing works of art by spraying archival inks on paper or canvas.
The closest duplication of an original artwork that is humanly, mechanically and technically possible.
Cie-Elle Digital Imaging
Giclee is a French slang word for spraying or squirting ink that was established in the 1990’s to describe fine art prints reproduced with large format inkjet printers. Giclee prints have become increasingly popular as the technology and materials improve. Today, giclee is the world’s best technique for reproducing original works of art. It has a higher resolution than lithography and a wider colour range than a screen print.

Giclee can capture the colour, depth and texture of original works of art by combining high-end / high resolution scanning and high-tech, large format printers with archival inks and the highest quality artist canvas or paper

Why Giclee Makes Sense
Better Prints. Giclee prints provide noticeably better detail and quality that makes prints hard to distinguish from originals.

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