Steven Carson
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Artist Statement - Peel

The works in the Peel series are primarily concerned with how I might make an image, the materials that I might make an image with, and what the image represents or means as an artifact of its production. In order to find a way to create images referring to yet distinct from traditional approaches to painting and drawing I have explored possibilities of image-making from the perspective of an object-maker.

These works extend from my sculpture and installation works and respond to my interest in improvisational strategies in art-making as a means to explore creativity, impulse, response and imagination. The works challenge both my personal creativity as well as traditional forms of image making however they derive from a strikingly simple approach to material and process as a means of testing the tolerances of each. Formally the non-representational images embody the emotional approach of their development and reflect a characteristic visual intensity as completed art objects.

As a starting point these works take a cue from a number of improvised installation works I have completed since 1994. These installations were entirely conceived and built over the period of several days prior to the exhibition opening. Each responded to a variety of gallery spaces and alternative sites using numerous found objects from my personal collection combined with additional materials relevant to the chosen site or context. The works were experiments in the creative process and were in all cases produced in a couple of days. Despite the short time frame of each response the works embodied an energy and intensity as a result of the process of their making.

Whilst the images I present within this series have been developed over an extended period of time, they have a clear lineage to the earlier improvised installations. The energy and intensity of their production is an important element in the final state of each of the images. All images in this series are made from hundreds of colourful offset-printed stickers applied to the non-traditional support of High Impact Polystyrene, a material most commonly used in the manufacturing industry for vacuum forming. Although there are specific uses for each of the materials I have chosen to work with, neither is typically used within painting or drawing. I am especially interested in the application of unlikely materials and processes to produce this body of two dimensional images as a further exploration of an improvisational approach to art making.

The works in this series exist somewhere between painting and drawing and object making and assert links to each of these creative forms whilst being somewhat challenging to locate in any one of these fields.

Steven Carsonís Peel exhibition was presented at Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne 09/07/2005 - 06/08/2005.