Robyn Bauer
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Towards the Light - My Year in the Gardens

I approached my year as Artist-in-Residence at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens as that of a witness to the life in the Gardens. Most of the work was produced on location. I had the opportunity to closely observe changes on a daily basis. The growth and seasonal changes in plants, the effects of light and water and the general ambience that can be experienced by sitting in one spot for several hours or days, have informed all the resulting works.

The larger works were done with different gradations of black ink, using brushes, pens and twigs found on the spot.

Rather than just examining individual plants, I sought a more holistic experience exploring the interaction of many plants in a specific area. The Australian and exotic rainforest areas, Arid Garden, Cactus Garden and Waterlily Pond were particular areas of focus.

Australian Rain-forest with Fig Tree
Exotic Rain-forest with Stream
Japanese Garden from the Teahouse
Ducks and Paths Converging
Cactus Trees and Entry Pavilion
Arid Area and Rocks
Cones, Pods, Nuts and Leaves
Succulent Garden and Tropical Dome
Australian Rain-forest Pathway - Aboriginal Trail
Cornucopia of Leaves, Berries and Seeds
Waterlily Lagoon, looking towards the Cafeteria
Cactus Area
Sprouting through the Bark
Regenerating Tree
City Gardens old tree
Ficus sycomorus
Japanese Garden, looking back towards the Entry Pavilion
Tropical Dome from the Succulent Area
Green Tree Ferns, Fig Tree and Pathway
Seed Pods and Stenocarpus Leaves
Musical Plants
Bunya Pine Nut, Crows Ash plus Forest Finds
Treasures from the Forest with Red Leaf
Forest Exploration with Orange Light
Forest finds with Crows Ash Pods
Hanging Basket
Moreton Bay Fig Bonsai - Ficus macrophylla
Euphorbia ingens
Swamp Cypress Bonsai - Taxodium distichum
Pandanus sp. Screw Palm
Ponytail Tree - Dracena beaucarnea
Butia eriospatha
Japanese Black Pine - Pinus thunbergii
Black Pine Bonsai - Pinus thunbergii Est 1987
Bunya Pine - Araucaria (City Botanic Gardens)
Ficus obliqua
Ficus benjamina
Gmelina dalrympleana
Rain-forest stream
Fig Tree with hanging roots
Lotus Flower
Four Flowers and branch detail
Orchids and Roses
Red and Blue Flowers
Pink Roses
Blue Succulent
White Flower and Round Blossoms
Two pink Waterlilies with rushes
Lagoon Reflections
Waterlily in the Tropical Dome with Reflections
Inside the Tropical Dome
Concertina book (image of outside)
Concertina book (inside images)