Robert Andrews
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Robert Andrews - Visual Artist

Robert Andrews  

Image above is from Gallery 2 on this web site - Detail of 'Yell oh house'; acrylic and gesso on canvas; 30 x 40 cm; 2017. Collection of the artist.


Robert (Rob) Andrews is a Brisbane-based Australian artist who creates two-dimensional works (paintings, drawings, mixed media pieces), and three-dimensional sculptural assemblages. He mostly uses acrylic paints and mediums to create his two-dimensional works, and found and/or recycled objects to make his assemblages. Robert experiments with a range of styles, approaches and techniques, with series of works alternating between abstraction and more direct forms of representation. Symbolism is occasionally used, and the boundaries between styles and approaches are also explored. Illusionistic space is evident, regardless of whether works are abstract or figurative – space is implied partly through an emphasis on both the physical act of painting (e.g. gestural marks) and the paint's material qualities. This mix of approaches and techniques is used to explore genres and subjects that include landscape, environmental issues, Still Life, and forms of portraiture. Themes explored in the works at various times include presence and absence; duality and unity; alienation and belonging; surface and depth; abstraction, representation and meaning; allusion and reality; identity, place and memory; self and psyche. Start your search for these types of works by going to Galleries 1, 4, 5, 6 and 19 on this web site.


Robert’s abstract and semi-abstract paintings and sculptural assemblages are made in response to structural, textural and spatial aspects of landscape, particularly the built environment and the boundaries it shares with the natural world.  Elements taken from these starting points include shapes, colours, lines and tones. Memory, place, and the passage of time are explored and implied in these works, partly through emphasising the material quality of the media used, and through the use of layering and scraping back. These works are also inspired by interstices - the spaces within and between things in the 'real' world. Many of the abstract works also challenge the Modernist 'aesthetic of flatness' usually associated with abstraction in visual art - this is achieved by attaching sculptural elements to the works' surfaces, and/or by painting sections in such a way that they suggest form (3-D qualities). The resulting spatial ambiguities are therefore reminiscent of real life. Start your search for these types of works by going to Galleries 2 and 3 on this web site. Also see Galleries 13, 15, 16, 17 and 18 for earlier examples of abstract and/or semi-abstract works.


Robert has studied art at tertiary level, and has over 20 years of experience as an art tutor and as a workshop facilitator.


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