Rachel Arthur
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wide awake

wide awake:::


David Lynch talks about being wide awake as supreme enlightenment. He believes every human has the potential to experience the transcendent eternal level of life, and from this field of pure consciousness positive effects abound within his waking life.

I hope that by emphasising and raising awareness of the amazing natural world that surrounds us every day, we remember how beneficial nature is in terms of its beauty and necessity to our wellbeing.

This is a body of work about mindfulness, time and place, culture and nature.

forest painting
falling just like...
the sky is the biggest thing there is
still life with rocks and geometric shapes
rainy season samford painting
we've just got to keep on keeping on
samford sunset
samford sky painting
shimmering vortex #3
shimmering vortex #4
bird drawing
plains turkey
ancient future :: plains turkeys
ancient future :: giant emus
ancient future :: bunya pines