Rachel Arthur
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the sun was under his tongue

The work for this show has stemmed from a curiosity about ways of seeing. That is, the way things can be perceived, and the way they are. For Jain's, reality is characterised by impermanence and change. According to the Jain philosophy of Anekantavada, there is no single reality and there are many perspectives on the truth. Wolfgang Tillmans has been exploring the paradox of our desire to find a universal truth and the impossibility of doing so.

In terms of visual representation, this is also certainly the case. There are many ways of interpreting the same object or subject.

The subject of the work is essentially time, particularly the present, knowing the shadow of our past and looking towards the future sun.

My work provides a vehicle to share with you the joy of life.

an indefinite mass of space
paperbark tree and honey eaters
shimmering still life with infinite space
past and present
the appropriative nature of culture
still life with wattle
time as the colour of icing sugar
we are what we think having become what we thought
early evening
golden sunset
now and then