Rachel Arthur
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myth and logic

 To the Hellenic mind logos and mythos, ‘reasoning’ and ‘myth’ are two antithetic modes of thought. The former includes everything that can be stated in rational terms, all that obtains to objective truth, and appears the same to all minds. The latter concerns the imagination, all that cannot be subject to verification, but contains truth in itself or, and this amounts to the same thing, in powers of persuasion arising out of its own beauty. 1 

The past informs the work, in terms of the recorded social history of the Samford area and also the way memory is central to understanding the human condition. 2 

 I hope that by emphasising and raising awareness of the amazing natural world that surrounds us every day, we remember how beneficial nature is in terms of its beauty and necessity to our wellbeing. 

This is a body of work about time and place, culture and nature. It also questions the relationship of myth and logic in our contemporary society.  



myth and logic
dream time
we are the stars
still life with rocks and geometric patterns
bunya road with rainclouds
the past informs the future
Dalapai rainmaker (good grace)
samford sky painting
bush tucker
cut glass pattern
samford sunset after the rain
eucalypt and plains wanderers
down at the dam
still life with waterlily bowl
garumngar bush tucker : swan
garumngar bush tucker : lizards
garumngar bush tucker : plains wanderer
garumngar bush tucker : tortoise
garumngar bush tucker : waterlily
garumngar bush tucker : emu

1 Larousse World Mythology Edited by Pierre Grimal Published 1965 by The Hamlyn Publishing Group p.972
2 Notalgia for the Light, Patricio Guzman, Chile, Documentary shown at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane