Rachel Arthur
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ancient future

Concentric circles are a complex universal symbol of unity and infinity and represent processes, wholeness, place, time, light, layers of meaning and creation. Before the discovery of science indigenous people have imagined dawn and dusk as the beginning and end of time and have woven tales of their ethereal experiences into their folklore. These paintings are about time and space and our place within it. 

This new work is included in an exhibition with Natalie Hamblin and Gabe Parker on show at The Hub in the Caboolture Regional Gallery from June 4th to 30th 2019, courtesy of the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

the bigger picture
blue moon easter sunday
a shimmering vortex
the sound of time passing
looking south (what is the world without poetry?)
heavenly cycle
lunar eclipse
unfolding as it should
wide awake
love is all you need