Rachel Arthur
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a sense of space

space :::
the unlimited or indefinitely great general receptacle of things, commonly conceived as an expanse extending in all directions (or having three dimensions), in which, all material objects are located.
It can also be defined, in this case, as personal space or even the picture plane of the composition itself.

We are often surrounded by synthetic light and materials, both at work and at home. We consume genetically modified products and ingest and apply various chemicals, without being fully aware of the long term effects on both our health and the environment. We are a part of a growing economy and population and we must consider the costs so we are able to develop a sustainable future.

The landscape paintings explore the notion of a sense or spirit of place. Although the work is conceptual, I have primarily used the traditional western form of landscape painting to present the intrinsic notion of belonging to a place (rather than it belonging to us). The birds have been symbolically imbued with knowledge and are considered to be spirit helpers or angels in many ancients cultures. The use of symbols and patterns form a dialogue for the past and present and the rhythms of life.

The paintings are a journey into my experience of life in South Western Queensland where time doesn't seem to have taken it's toll on community and culture. Progress has been limited and the past is being preserved by it's keepers.

Note : how things have changed in a few short years!

constellation of grasses
geometric pattern
the line which forms the apparent boundary between earth and sky
pecking ibis pattern
balonne riverbank with giant ant
roma afternoon light
sun and moon symbol of wholeness
pink paddock at bielberanga
a shimmering vortex # two
looking west towards condamine
four emus in the paddock at bielberanga