Nicola Moss
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Gallerysmith Project Space, First Floor, 170 Abbotsford Street,  North Melbourne, Victoria.

Exhibition opening night on Thursday 24th September, 6-8pm. Chat with the artist Saturday 26th September, 3-5pm.


How we live within nature, alter and shape environment have been a consistent theme of Nicola Moss’ work. Nature is presented on an intimate level of ecology, exploring relationships between individual species.

During her recent travels in Japan and while on residency at Grafton Regional Gallery, Moss focused on conceptual ideas of identity in relation to environment. Cities are continually remade, yet city trees often instigate a sense of identity for communities. Some become memorials and landmarks, enriching sense of place; while others provide practical attributes of shade, fresh air and home for diverse creatures.

City and Nature is a place where, town planning, heritage and personal aesthetic; mixes with maintenance regimes and sense of well-being.  Moss says “The body of work in this exhibition responds to my experiences of curated ecology. I visit botanic gardens and walk city streets wherever I travel, documenting trees on high-rise rooftops, bonsai-d pot plants, living walls and wind dispersed opportunists”.

Moss’ hand cut paper works meld something of how we value the delicate nature of plants, and their resilience to adapt and make home in our ever changing cityscapes.



City and Nature - Inhabit (detail)
City and Nature - Inhabit (detail)
Curated ecology - Nature Strip
Power plant - Plant power
Green Living
City and Nature - Companion
City and Nature - Heritage
City and Nature - Adaption
Invitation - City and Nature