Michael Donnelly
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'The Melbourne Pictures' 1994

'The Melbourne Pictures', Living and Dying in Melbourne.
Roar.2 Studios, Fitzroy. 13 Sept - 2 Oct 1994.

"Confronting, arresting, sometimes amusing, enigmatic or with an ironic twist. Sometimes with an air of pathos. Michael Donnelly has painted a powerful group of figurative works that are his response to living in Melbourne over the last ten years. . .

. . .This is Michael's fourth solo exhibition and the first one in five years. Over that time he has developed a strong figurative style often with surreal overtones and unusual perspectives. Michael Donnelly's work aligns itself with the social realism of the Angry penguins adn the strong tradition of social commentary in painting that is part of Melbourne's history.

'The Melbourne Pictures' touch on issues of suburban life, social justice, health and health services, religious institutions, personal faith and grief. . ."
(Media Release 1994)

“Epileptic on a Train”
“Home Birth” (Detail)
“The Bible Study”
“Cancer Diptych”
“Death Diptych”
“The Life Class”
“Girls Falling”
“The Miraculous Mark”
“Self portrait attempting to play harmonica.”
A Bedtime Prayer