Michael Donnelly
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Found Photos 1997

Exhibition at the 'talk artists initiative inc., Room 16, Level 6 Nicholson Building, 37 Swanston Street Melbourne. Sept 24 - Oct 4 1997.
Each of the 7 pastel and airbrushed works on paper were extreme close-ups of small sections of photographs found in newspapers and magazines, zooming in on the captured photographic image of light or lights that appeared in the original photo. Thus the title: 'Found Photos' except that 'photos' is also Greek for 'light' and conjures up Biblical and especially New Testament references to light and the declaration that God is Light as well. Indeed, on the sub-atomic level we, and all creation, could be described as being made of light.
These works were executed with the premise that God can be found wherever we look for him, in every part of his creation and especially in the most unexpected areas. The Gospel and Epistle writer, John, declared that God is Light and in Him is found no darkness. Each "found" photo declares again God's presence as Light and as an agent of illumination.

Found Photos (First Look) Pastels Installation View
Found Photos (Second Look) Installation View
Found Photo #4: Washington DC CVB (First Look)
Found Photo #4: Washington DC CVB (Second Look)
Found Photo #7: Madonna (Are we still Mad On ‘Er?) First Look