Mel Brigg
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The following galleries contain paintings which are samples of work by Mel Brigg.

Much care has been taken to ensure that the photographic images of Mel Brigg's paintings are as true as possible, however, some images may vary slightly due to light variations at the time of photography.

Most paintings are professionally framed with tasteful, modern frames, complimentary to the painting.

A message from the Artist:

"I have always been moved by the complexities of the human condition and my paintings are reflective of turbulent times that the human race may endure in countries with conflict. I also reflect on harmony and peace once pro-active personal change has occurred.

Light is the core of my paintings, together with perspective, texture, structure and lyrically atmospheric colour. Combined, these culminate in evocative, emotive and empathetic works."

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The artist, Mel Brigg




Arrivals Series

Crossroads Series


Empty Bowl Series


Exodus Series












Limited Edition Giclée Prints