Megan Jones
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Solo exhibition 2021: The lost man, The Corner Gallery, Stanmore

 Solo exhibition 'Confronting the shadow', 2020, Gallery Lane Cove, Lane Cove

also: 'The dark side of light', 2019, The Corner Gallery, Stanmore

Solo exhibition 2017: Why is there me? (reflections on consciousness and the self )

Solo exhibition 2015: Convict mothers of Australia: transported women's experiences in early colonial times

Solo exhibition 2013: Sila in flux

2013: Scenes from Greenland

 Solo exhibition 2012: Upernavik Museum, Upernavik, Greenland

Solo exhibition 2012:  Speleology in the cave of Mnemosyne

Solo exhibition 2011: '(e)utopia- because we are what we are

Additional works not part of a particular series

Solo exhibition 2009:  'Emotional atoms'.

Solo exhibition 2007: 'Indicators show position'

Solo exhibition 2006: 'Conversations with Bruno Schulz'

Earlier work 2004-2005