mark dean
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mark dean  

Mark Dean is a self taught artist who began making work during the 1980's amidst the Brisbane music scene.


The motif of the house has recurred throughout his work serving both as a self portrait of sorts, and as a symbol of his interest in the HOUSE.
His consideration for and of the house goes back to childhood, and the fascination he felt when visiting other people's houses for the first time. A strong awareness of the way a house can make you feel - comfortable and happy or ill at ease and longing for home.
This affinity for the house has always been strongly evident in the unpretentious, low tech, welcoming and inventive interiors of Mark's own houses, always filled with art - his own and that of friends.


The other often present motif in his work is the cloud with lightning - more a symbol of energy than destruction.


Perhaps appropriately enough, Mark uses house paint to paint these flat fields of colour - mis tints from the local hardware store - rejected by one home owner, then adopted by another to paint houses.


Mark has had several solo exhibitions since his first show in the young artist's gallery at Brisbane's Museum of Contempoarry Art (MOCA) in 1989, and taken part in numerous group shows since "Know Your Product" at the Institute of Modern Art (IMA) in Brisbane in 1986.


His work is held in public, corporate and private collections, and has appeared in publications locally and nationally.

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