Lesa Hepburn
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Inside Out- Fibre & Texture....
Cellulose images on Silver Rag Paper

Inside Out –Fibre & Texture May 2008 Doggett St Studio
Ideas and materials from the environment. Reclaimed, reinvented, reused, recycled and reformed to create a visual space. Lesa Hepburn is a natural fibre artist focusing on sculpture and installations of what may appear today, tomorrow and the day after. Lesa Hepburn gathers her raw materials from the natural environment, processing them- removing the outer layers and creating new forms. Native leaves, fibres and handmade paper have been photographed by Lesa to produce large digital images of altered natural materials.
These works are a section of Lesa’s exhibition at Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery in September 2008.

Inside Out
Red Cluster
Warm & Fibrous
Softly Spoken
Cereus'ly Red