Lesa Hepburn
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Delicate & Smalls - works on paper

I worked collaboratively with two artists  Kate Allen & Alicia Lane.

Kate created the crocheted layers for 'White Floribunda'.
For 12 years I have been cultivating & harvesting ramie fibre in my backyard.
This is a small sample of this harvest.. yarn was spun by Karlene Lewis.
Alicia has created the Silver clouds for the Nimbus series of three works.
Using the technique of repousee... 3 dimensional clouds have been sculpted for this work.

Nimbus , our Schnoodle dog grew two fleece over two winters to make the three felted squares created in the work.He has been my special companion while working in my studio and in more difficult times.

Thankyou to everyone else who has cheered me on to even contemplate creating another exhibition!

Lamington 1
Lamington 2
Lamington 3
Lamington 4
Lamington 5
Lamington 6
Lamington 7
Lamington 8
Whale Bone
apparel detail
sugar coated almonds
sugar coated almonds II
Buddha's Shadow
Bathing I
Bathing II
To Russia with love I
To Russia with love II
Look away and walk a long way
Brushes in the alcove ‘Still life’
 Impressions 2
Impressions 3
Impressions 4
Pining for you
Florid Flower 1
Florid Flower 2
Three Moons Away  1
Three Moons Away 2
Three Moons Away 3
egg shell installation
egg shell installation
egg shell installation
Swat team
brush on the surface 1
brush on the surface 2
White Florabunda
Nimbus 1
Nimbus 2
Nimbus 3