Kym Barrett
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Chatsworth mixed media artist, Kym Barrett will show her recent work at Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre in October and November.  Opening night is on Friday, October 12 at 6pm. 

 Transformations is a joint exhibition by Kym Barrett, Victoria Fitzpatrick and Jane Welsh, exploring the notion of transformation in mixed media painting and sculpture.

 Kym’s abstract paintings, graphite drawings and encaustic works loosely connect the external landscape and a personal inner landscape. 

  ‘My work refers to the simple message of the trees in their easy acceptance of the seasonal shedding of their bark.  The trees cast off the old, dry, crusty skin and this process allows new potentials for growth until the next season of letting go arrives. There is beauty and wisdom in this crucial pattern of transformation - out of death comes life.’

 Acrylic and mixed media artist Victoria Fitzpatrick grapples with the concept of transformation through metaphorical and spiritual connections that are common to the human experience.   Her powerful portraits are both sensitive and thought-provoking.

 ‘I also use the cup as a metaphor for self, in varying stages of growth that occur in personal transformation.’

 Jane Welsh’s figurative clay sculptures depict human emotion and the ability to transform through these experiences.

 Transformations runs from October 11 until December 1.

An EXPRESSIVE PAINTING workshop tutored by Kym Barrett is on October 27.
A PORTRAITS WITH ACRYLIC GLAZING workshop tutored by Victoria Fitzpatrick is on November 3. 
Bookings essential, at Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre.

Tuesday to Saturday, 10am–4pm | 10 Maple Street, Cooroy Qld 4563 | 07 5454 9050 |