Kym Barrett
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Solo Exhibition THE MEMORY OF TREES, PS Gallery, Paddington

I am a painter exploring mixed media and also a seeker exploring my inner world, somehow knowing that these two paths are intrinsically entwined. Within my work, I hope you may find a thread which resonates personally with you.

The Memory of Trees aims to subtly convey the links between landscape and the human condition … landscape as metaphor. Ultimately however, it is the artwork’s visual impact that has the most significance.

Every day I drive through avenues of trees, and I am surrounded by trees at my home property, so aspects of the richness of trees become embedded in my memory and emerge as recurring fragmentary images in my paintings, speaking to me about personal and universal human experience.

I am interested in Nature’s expressive patterns and contrasts, the subtle balance of light and shadow, the positive and negative and how they echo the rhythms of our lives.

Primarily, I hope to revive memories of the beauty of the world and ourselves, reminding us to tread lightly and think deeply about our relationships with each other and the natural world that we share.


I usually begin with spontaneous, intuitive mark-making, collaged areas and limited colour selection over a base of Japanese unryushi paper glued to the canvas. At some point a sense of structure emerges and the work evolves further. There is a balance between early spontaneity and studied analysis. Abstraction is often tempered with representational passages.


Kym Barrett has lived in regional Queensland for most of her life. After studying Fine Arts and Art Teaching in Brisbane, then raising a family, Kym has most recently been exploring mixed media and collage.
Her work is enmeshed with her spirituality in the Christian contemplative tradition which assumes our implicit connectedness with the created world. Kym expresses this concept in her work symbolically, as a golden thread.

October 2010