Kym Barrett
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Barrett's St. Clare Featured at Pray2010 Conference
Jun 9, 2010 Jo Murphy
The artwork "St. Clare" will be a popular artwork featured at the Pray2010 Conference held in Brisbane on 7th-10th July 2010.

This portrait of St. Clare whose feast day is celebrated on August 11, has taken conference participants by storm. People love the soft subtle evocative nature of the work and many can visualise it is a relief sculpture carved in marble.
Pray2010 will be held in Brisbane from July 7 to July 10, 2010. The event will focus on connection through prayer by featuring 40 portraits of saints as markers for workshops that will be held at the conference.
The portrait was created by Kym Barrett and has been enthusiastically received. The image is a beautiful representation of the sense of connection sought after by the conference conveners. Barrett is a well-respected watercolorist, printmaker and visual arts educator who has lived in regional Queensland for most of her life. It was thought that her way of creating subtle, alluring imagery by exploring mixed media painting techniques to express her ideas visually would make the artist ideal as the creator of an image of St Clare.
St Clare of AssisiSt Clare of Assisi, a contemporary of St Francis of Assisi was born July 16, 1194 and died August 11, 1253. When she heard St. Francis of Assisi preach, she was inspired so much that her heart burned with a great desire to imitate him. She decided to go out to live a poor humble life centered on Christian living.
Frustrated by her parents dissent the young woman ran away from home. In a chapel outside Assisi, she gave herself to God. She then practiced humility by cutting off her hair and wearing a rough brown habit, which was tied with a plain cord around her waist. Her parents could not entice her home. In the fullness of time Clare, who was a beautiful Italian noblewoman, became the foundress of an order of nuns now called "Poor Clares." Catholic Online

Read more at Suite101: Barrett's St. Clare Featured at Pray2010 Conference CLICK HERE