Kym Barrett
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My works are about connectedness...metaphor, memory, meaning, mystery.

‘A picture is nothing but a bridge between the soul of the artist and that of the spectator.’ (Eugene Delacroix 1798 - 1863)

I believe art has the power to evoke emotion, instigate reflection and thus somehow link the artist with the viewer, heart to heart.

I am a painter exploring mixed media and I am also a seeker exploring my inner world, somehow knowing that these two paths are intrinsically entwined.

I imagine life’s intangible Spirit as a mysterious Golden Thread invisibly weaving through all things, linking everything. Within my work, I hope the viewer may find a thread which has some personal resonance.

Often, I begin with spontaneous, intuitive mark-making and random colour selection and at some point order is brought out of chaos and an image emerges. There is a balance between spontaneity and studied analysis. Abstraction is often tempered with representational passages.

I am interested in Nature’s organic design…from the microscopic through to the Grand Design… with awareness that humanity is an inherent part of Nature as I try to express its/our Essence.

The titles of my work make reference to the Spirit of things and make metaphorical connections between landscape and the human condition.

I like to build up physical layers as if somehow representing fragments of truths half-hidden or buried beneath the façade of life. The layers of imagery, understanding and memory (a link through time) can give multiple meanings to a piece of work.