Kym Barrett
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Kym Barrett is a painter and art teacher who lives and works in S. E. Queensland.  She studied Fine Arts at the Brisbane College of Art in the ‘70’s and currently employs a mixed media technique combining charcoal, acrylics and collage. 

Kym is interested in Nature’s organic design – the expressive textures, patterns, contrasts and earthy colours – and how they echo the rhythms of our lives.

She uses her own photographic images, sketches and memory as inspiration for creating her paintings in the studio, but she is not interested in a literal depiction of landscape, or in rendering an explicit place/space.  Her process is an organic one - of discovery, frequently beginning with spontaneous, intuitive mark-making, collage and colour, allowing the piece to evolve with the freedom to see what might emerge.   

‘The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.’ (Marcel Proust)

Kym’s works loosely connect both outer landscape elements and a personal inner landscape.  They aim to suggest metaphors for the universal human adventure and the ‘places’ we inhabit on the way.

Kym’s belief that all things are interwoven, is symbolised by a motif of a 'golden thread' in each painting. Her paintings, together with the title of the work, set up a dialogue with the discerning viewer, to create a new language and perhaps evoke a new perspective on reality.