Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
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Miniature Oil Painting on Canvas

Initially originating from intimate drawing 'trunk' studies of tropical palm trees at a Brampston Beach workshop back in 1989, the strata layer works continue to develop.

The symbolism used (through simplified shapes, colour, patterns etc) echos the rich lush environment I live in. The aim has been to portray a unique sense of 'locality' while importantly capturing the innate rhythms and energies of this tropical landscape. These have evolved deep into my artist's psyche over the years of exposure living in the tropics.

Tropical Essences (Mt Bartle Frere, Boulders, Moon phases)
Tropical Essences (Mt Bartle Frere, rivers etc )
Tropical Essences (Undulating Abstract Patterns)
'Palm Contractions'
Tropical Fusions
Layers - Beneath the surface