Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
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RAISING SPIRITS (Art Exhibition 'Elevating the Spirit' Review)

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Review by Karen van Harskamp, Cairns Post timeout, p.18 Thursday 21.06.07


In seeking and making meaning people draw on patterns - of form, action and feeling - to define the indescribable and seemingly random nature of life into recognisable, manageable truths.

'Elevating the Spirit' seeks to transform this process into a tangible presence.

The media chosen by the artist is often as fascinating as the end result - 'Tokens, 3 x 7 = 21' is a collage work of acrylic, linen thread, rice paper and cotton fabric patterns from favourite old clothing, fused on to a grid pattern across canvas. An exploration of how fragments can constitute the whole but the whole transcends the fragments, this is the art of association. Madsen-Pietsch's primary derived palette is evocative but subtly manifested, enhanced by the primal humanity of her execution.

Her fibre receptacle, 'Circular Bound', suggests the almost universal human desire to reveal that which is hidden and contain that which is of value.

Exploring the symbolic vessel of being, the heart, the artist evokes the quinessential expressions that have evolved throughout human cultures over time in 'All Embracing, Where Spirit Resides'.

Oddly connective in their impact, the palette and composition of many works is both intriguing and meditative as evidenced in 'Spirit of Gold - States of Being' and 'Parallels (Page Format Transitions)'.

Revelling in the organic pleasure of tactile creation, 'Page Format Transitional Series' celebrates how grounded energies give birth to transformed states and the pleasure of seeing experience manifest as a language of purpose, impact and visual aesthetic.

The mark of the artist imbues the works with unique appeal, a quality attractive to many in a mass-produced age.

With her complex, many layered works Madsen-Pietsch dignifies the challenges of meaning-making in life by honouring the grandeur of the puzzle and the pursuit.