Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
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GROWTH Exhibition 2005 Cairns Regional Gallery

Artist Statement

The Growth of the stitch and colour palette in my art practice stems from the detaching and extrapolating the stitch from its function (employed in my banana fibre basketry products) into an exploration of the metaphysical realm of ‘threads’.

Practically, stitches bind, attach and connect materials and/or surfaces together; for me it is a metaphor for human bonding. Using a needle and thread by hand to stitch involves a slow meditative passing of time and is a methodical and sometimes painful process, of pushing and pulling through materials. This process in the end reveals the two-sided nature and the in-between of the affair.

In 'Threads' the stitch, archetype symbols (such as the ‘X’) and symbolic colour (eg. blue and gold) become the common threads for linking and connecting to the human psyche. Via the thread and colour, my work discusses:
a) the spirit and alchemy of ‘relationships’;
b) dualities of life - the connection of the conscious to subconsciousrealms, spirit to matter, transience to permanence, complexity to simplicity, ambiguity to certainty, and
c) interwoven energies.