Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
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Exhibition October 17 to November 14, 2004, at Sugarama Gallery, Mourilyan (just south of Innisfail).

The theme initiated by K.Madsen-Pietsch was then curated by Jill O'Sullivan, MCA, Artist/Lecturer, JCU, Townsville. The group exhibition showcases the artist's interpretation to their own 'sense of attachment'. It has a broad representation of 16 local Innisfail & district artists in a very successful show.

Artist's statement:

One continuum through out my life has been with tactility, its seduction and the manipulation of various fibres & threads, often for a functional end use as in the displayed Set 3 Banana fibre pods with lids.

Still with the idea of 'attachment' I decided to extract (detach) the stitch from the 3D object of use and, abstractly and meditatively, started extrapolating 'the stitch'. 'Threads' (Visual Stitch Diary/Book) became the instrument for the sorting, sifting through the labyrinth of fluctuating ideas and associations. It allowed for creative exploration, enquiry and expression of new conceptual ideas and forms, new attachments.

Practically stitches bind, attach, and connect materials and/or surfaces together and is a metaphor for human bonding. The stitch becomes the 'thread', linking and connecting to the human psyche. Using a needle and thread by hand to stitch is a slow, methodical and sometimes painful process, of pushing and pulling through materials. The process reveals the two sides (dual nature) and the in-between to this affair.

This book is the starting/referencing point for a further body of new work which is to be exhibited in a select artist group/curated exhibition called 'Growth'. The artists involved are members of the Kuranda Arts Cooperative Ltd. It is to held at the Cairns Regional Gallery next July 2005.