Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
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2013 - 1998 - SMALL ARTWORKS
Mixed media on board

Works exhibited in Group Exhibitions.
2013, 2011-06, 2004-02, 1999-98

Artist Statement about my vessel imagery
The basket/vessel imagery often used is a symbol-metaphor for our being, how we fill 'with meaning' (open, receptive, upright form) and empty, pour out (upside down image) our ''thoughtful'' thoughts in words and deeds! The colours used and 'x' shapes imply one's physical and spiritual 'connections' and 'relationships' as we keep transforming as humans 'being'.

I also relate the vessel images to the music symbol shapes of the 'U' and its inverted - 'upside down U' (which I cannot type literally). They relate to processes of how much we are open/receptive/for transcending our physical 'barriers' to beyond and closed/blocking out/used as a protective barrier/nurture. These two shapes in 'reflection' symbolize eg. duality, opposites ie. yin and yan, etc., and are a representation of one's life's-work.

This can be seen in the following work image 'Transition' (original - etching l.e. handmade traditional print) which includes a channel (acting like a birth canal) pouring out the contents onto the leaf carrier, a transporter for our dreams and intentions.

Etching 'Transition' by ęKerryn Madsen-Pietsch+ Prints available on line at my RedBubble  gallery

*Note ~ Artists participanting in The Cairns Regional Gallery Annual Fundraiser Exhibitions are by invitation only.

'Tropical Essences'
Spiritual Journey
'Give & Receive'
Synthesis (Artist Book)
Synthesis (Artist Book p1&2)
Synthesis (Artist Book p3&4)
Synthesis (Artist Book p5&6)
Flight - Passage
Sacred Grounds
'Layers - Visible Traces (Life Death Life Cycles)'
Inner-Well-Being (Hidden Treasures)
Rhythm and Rhyme
Time to play (big time)
Vessel Scape
'Cointreau' Still-Life