Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
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Gouache on paper (artist book) 

'Tablelands, Perimeters and Parameters' is a group exhibition with work from fifteen Kuranda Arts Cooperative Ltd artists.

Held at the Tableland Regional Gallery, 16 Robert Street Atherton QLD 4883
Official Opening Friday 6-8pm, 5 Feb. 2010 and runs to 28 February.

About my work in this exhibition

Artist Statement

My work explores unique design elements and characteristics of various organic vegetation (plants, plant life, flora, foliage, undergrowth) growing on the Tableland. Imagery has been initiated and developed from referencing my own photographic material taken in this environment. Literally, perimeters and parameters are first set within the camera frame shoot then arranged within my chosen art forms where flexibility is provided in the arrangement of separate components into a coherent whole. Painting and grid-like surfaces from paper manipulation, arrangement processes along with assembly formations imply mapping territory, boundaries, multifaceted planes and a parallel dual realm of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional. It is where a diversity of observed unique characteristics of extracted essences such as colour and tone as well as organic and geometric shapes are reflected.

The works represent intimacy, relationships and a communion with nature’s higher energy life force and verve.

Gallery Installation Display
On the Outer (Tree Trunk Extracts)
Euca Abstract
Fantail Palm Plateau
Contained (display installation)
Tableland Regional Gallery installation view
Gallery Installation Display
Gallery Installation Display
Opening night & speeches
DL Invitation
Euca Abstract -Side b.
Euca - Side b