Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
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Mixed media work on canvas

Held at the new Sugarama Gallery, ASIM, Mourilyan, just south of Innisfail, Far North Qld, 4 May - 29 June 2003.
This professional curated group exhibition, 12 months in the making, was a grand showcase of 19 artists work from the Innisfail, Mission Beach & Tully region.

About my work:
Shown here is my 1) multi media work involving six panels 2) acrylic mixed-media triptych work on canvas panels (in-two-parts work challenge) and 3) floor installation.

With the focus on Self, 'Remnants of Presence' conjures up the complexity of the psyche. The multi-layered aspects of subconscious and conscious thought are complex and so were my exploration attempts, using the collage, layering processes to show this.

Underlying universal themes and symbols pervade my work eg. Essence, spirituality, connectedness, regeneration and energy - the life force (chi). Chi is the recognition of the innate dynamic energy forces that flow through everything. Mark making is the quintessential of this.

I use actual artwork & object 'remnants' for the initial stimuli and also for representing my 'presence' taken from:
a. My own artwork, that makes reference to the initial inspirations from: the natural environment, the human figure, various motifs including banana fibre made receptacles/vessels and evolved symbology.
b. Other participating artists for one of my pieces,

My approach is to provide the viewer with facets and moments. Although ambiguous, there are sufficient visual markers i.e. passages, to draw them in to discover further information and help them to intuitively and conceptually complete what they may perceive in each work (now the remnant) and to sense the presence of the artist (spirit).

What comes out of this plethora of realities and illusions is works of art that feed the souls further down the river.


"I see life/art as:
A paradox
Elemental, creative, limitless
Energies empowering
Creating manifestations
The invisible to the visible
From thoughts to reactions into realities
Reality, being a mirror of the soul
Reality being truth
The intuitive to consciousness
Living with the wild nature in one's own way
Permeating, interacting, interconnecting
A pathway of journeys and experiences
To and from the inner and outer worlds
Going back and forth to our centre source of being
Joyous, spiritual, soulful, about giving
Cycles of life, death, life
A process of reflection and renewal
The allowance of descent and ascent
Evolvement, transcending
Our task to learn from."

© 2003 Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch

Inner Outer: Reflections, Duality, Generations (6 panels)
'Magenta & White - Reflections'  Panel of 'Inner Outer
'Blue and White - Passage' Panel of INNER OUTER
'Generations panel' of Inner Outer: Reflections, Duality, Generations
'Bellies panel' of Inner Outer
'Windows' panel of Inner Outer
'Leaves' panel of Inner Outer
Visible Traces
'Treasure Trove Installation' - On Opening day