Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
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These paintings in this gallery are directly inspired by landscape...more particularly the landscape of Kathryn's childhood. She grew up on the flat, treeless Pirrinuan Plain between Dalby and Jimbour, in SE Queensland, Australia. The Bunya Mountain Range cut a majestic silhouette in the distant east. In the west, the endless horizon, often shimmering with watery mirages, drew the eye and imagination to eternity. Within this vastness, there was the space to notice the minutiae of life...whispy clouds, whirly winds, seeds, cracks in the earth. At night the Milky Way shimmered and during the day, the relentless blue sky embraced us. The rich black soil, which cracked wide open in drought and when wet, became thick luscious mud, produced both summer and winter crops of magnificent quality. This land outside Dalby is one of Australia's most fertile food producing farming areas.

This is a YouTube video of the Pirrinuan Railway Siding. Kathryn's parent's farm was next door. She used to play in the old sheds.

Here's an aerial photo of Kathryn's parent's farm.

Seeping Into The Intimate Vastness
Galaxial Landscape
Murray Darling Currency
The Beginning Of Everything
Shared Destinies
Thank Goodness [It's Raining]
Mountains and Metaphors
The Hidden Seen In My Mind's Eye
$soils Ain't $oils Anymore!
Blood Connection
Mountains Are Dancing
More Mountains
Space and Time
I Painted The Wind
Traces Of  Spirit
Driving Into The Distance
Through The Fyscreen