Karl de Waal
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The Father and Son Show


Swell 2013


Boundary Riding Lethbridge Gallery 2013


The Bunnings Series.
A celebration of mediocrity 


A collection of work from 2008 -2013
Includes some of the work from two shows;
'The Rains are Coming' Metcalfe Gallery 2008
'Purge' Doggett St Studios 2009 


Deck 'o' Dada. 2012
A very DADA pack of cards


Odds and Ends. Metcalfe Gallery Brisbane 2012


Ceramic work


Community Mosaic Projects


Photographic series of 9/11


"Expressionist Landfilling"  Brisbane  2004


"I've Always Been A Dada" 2003 Brisbane


Doggett Street Studio • 2002


Past Work from the 90's